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AeireNew comic up
posted by Aeire

There's a new comic for you all, enjoy of course!

So I finally got around to seeing this movie called Stranger Than Fiction - now, I'm not really what you would call a Will Ferrell fan. Most of his movies I'm decidedly 'meh' over, and I could take or leave them. Oddly, this was the same with Jim Carrey - while I thought he was kind of funny, I wasn't really a fan of most of his earlier films, they were okay but still, the 'meh' factor was there.

Then Jim Carrey did this movie called The Truman Show, and all of a sudden he showed that he could make the leap from 'wacky comedian' to...actor, as far as I was concerned, and it totally worked for me, and since then I've watched what he's done and at least given it a solid chance instead of going 'okay well maybe. If it comes out on video. Or something. I'll look at it later.'

So....Stranger Than Fiction is Will Ferrell's Truman Show, which is interesting because they follow...similar concepts but not really. Ferrell was actually an amazing ACTOR in this one, not just a sorta funny comedian doing some sort of shtick. I...highly recommend it - it's sweet, funny, tragic, and brilliant, and really I mean it had me hooked from the first two minutes of the movie or so and that's really hard to do so just GO WATCH IT.

That's all from me for now!

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