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AeireNew comic
posted by Aeire

And not much else to say!

it might be too soon...
posted by Chris

I like to remain in the darkness, in the shadows. This is a strange thing, being only the artist and not the writer. In some ways, it's great. I don't have to worry about plot, or who's going to eventually sleep with who, and why their roommate is actually going to be their gay cousin's sister. all I have to do is draw. It's nice. So when I came out of my little basement to talk, I think, "it might be too soon."

I'm drawing this comic who's website you're visiting now, and another one that you probably hate. If you read both, I assure you, they're not related, other than the fact that they are both drawn by me. On a side note, drawing two comics is fun. It's also a lot of work. I am working part time at my job, but I hope that things will flourish with these comics enough where Aeire and myself will be able to make this little project full time. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dog if you want. Hey, dogs can surf the web too! Don't be hatin' on dogs, ya'll!

I really shouldn't be talking. I should be drawing more. But since I'm here... I just watched the Departed on DVD. Directed by that guy that directed goodfellas, staring the Joker, The Talented mr. Ripley, Marky Mark, President Bartlett, and the King of the Woooooorld! So here's the plot. Everyone has fingers, right. And then they take these fingers and they point them at their chests. Then they take a finger on the other hand and stick it up their ass. See, they want to touch your heart, but they're really just stickin' it to you from behind. It's a pretty awesome movie.

So many good movies are coming out and I can't wait. Even if they are bad, I want to see them. Zodiac came out. Is that good? somebody tell me. 300 comes out today and we get to see a lot of slow motion violent men in underwear and capes fight the crap out of ... uh, Persians? An animated TMNT movie, which looks cheesy, but the Archie TMNT comics were my gateway drug to the heroin of comic books. Grindhouse, with 2 movies with more boobs and violence since the latest episode of Nip/Tuck (I mean, really? have you seen that show?) And of course, the Nanny Diaries. C'mon Scarlett, isn't it a little early to do a remake of Uptown Girls?

I'm going back to the dungeon. I just want to beat box.

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