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posted by Aeire

Testing the news page. Pay NO ATTENTION TO IT. I MEAN IT.
AeireOnce upon a time:
posted by Aeire

There was this duck, right? Totally unremarkable duck. I think he was yellow or something - you know, duck-colored. ANYWAY, so one day the duck is really bored, like really really bored because hey, swimming around and quacking and ducking under the water for breadcrumbs only makes you so happy, you know? So the duck is tromping along beside his little lake, and he happens upon a frog. "Hey man, what's going on?" says the frog, who isn't really known for his brilliant linguistic skills. "I am...so...I don't know how to describe it mister frog," says the duck, "I just feel like there's more that I could be doing with my life, or that I should be doing something really really amazing, because well, we're all supposed to do something amazing right? Sometime?"

The frog thinks about this for a minute or two. "Okay...okay. So here's what you do," the frog says, leaning forward in a conspiratory fashion. The duck leans in closer to hear him. "What you gotta do - and I know this is gonna sound really dumb right, but you gotta go catch a star." The frog settles back on his haunches, looking entirely full of himself.

"A...star." The duck seems marvelously unconvinced. "Yeah yeah yeah!" the frog says. "Trust me kid. Er, duck. You catch a star and suddenly you're going to have all sorts of adventures. I swear. Read it in a book somewhere."

The duck nods, his beak sets in a mask of determination. "All right then, I will go get a star. And adventures will be mine!" And off he goes, toddling to his destiny. Truth be told, he didn't really know where to find a star, or even what a star was to be honest, but well - if that was how to do something extraordinary, then he was all for it, yes sir. And so he trudges, farther and farther away from the pond, onward to destiny, onward to glory, onward to...whatever, he was sure it'd be just amazing.

It had been three whole hours. The poor duck was really, really tired. See, he didn't realize adventuring was so...exhausting. He was making pretty good progress though - all the way to the other side of the park almost - but he was so, so tired, he didn't think he could move another ducklike step, and he just flops over on the ground. And it's there that a little girl, who had just done one of those really neat and potentially dangerous flying leaps off the swingset, finds him.

"Oh hello there, duck" the girl says, delighted to see the little guy without having to go all the way across the park, "Have you come out here for breadcrumbs?"

And this is where the duck starts to cry. And the little girl, she's terribly upset because she doesn't understand why the duck is crying, so she starts patting him gently and making these reassuring noises that don't really mean anything, right? Just a "There there it'll be all right" without really knowing what IT is or whether it really WILL be all right or not.

"Mister duck," says the little girl, "What's wrong?"

"EVERYTHING!" the duck sobs melodramatically. "I'm supposed to be having an adventure so I can find a star so I can be really amazing and extraordinary and the frog said that I needed to but I'm just so TIRED and I don't feel amazing at all and the adventures haven't really started and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be DOING even and all I want to do is just go back to sleep because I'm so TIRED and how am I supposed to do anything amazing when I just want to sleep?! I'm so stupid for thinking that a little trip would make me amazing, I really am-"

And the girl just blinks, and giggles like little girls do. "Silly duck," says the girl, "Why are you trying to catch a star? That's just silly. You don't need a star to be amazing, why...you're a duck! Ducks are amazing already."

"...they are?" says the duck.

"Of course they are!" says the little girl. "I mean I wish I could swim as amazingly as you do. And you have the most amazing yellow feathers, and you make the most amazing noises, and I wish I could be a duck but I can't, so I come to the lake and feed you breadcrumbs, and wonder what it must be like to be a duck - I'm sure it must be the most amazing thing EVER! Isn't it?"

The little duck ponders this information. "Why...yes, actually, I guess it is sort of amazing, when you put it THAT way."

"Well then why don't I carry you back to your pond since you're tired, and you can have a nice nap!" The duck agrees to this, and the little girl carries him all the way back to the lake, where he swims (most amazingly) out onto the water and after eating some breadcrumbs (in an amazing fashion), falls asleep just as the sun is setting. The little girl watches him do so, wishing she fall asleep on the water like the duck does, and then goes running off back to her home when she hears her parents calling.

And as the duck snoozes happily, the frog shows up, shouting in glee. "YOU DID IT!" hollers the frog, pointing at the water.

"Be quiet," mutters the duck, "I am trying to sleep."

And he does, and as he does the reflection from all of the stars in the sky dances around him in the soft moonlight.

AeireAnd the moral of the story is
posted by Aeire

That the news function works perfectly dandy, thank you Gav!
Or...maybe not?

Apparently the alphabet is confusing.

Also, one shouldn't mess with the colors on one's website when the designer is in the next room. ...hee.

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