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posted by Aeire

I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about my home. I share my home with the artist of this illustrious strip, as well as the designer of this website you're currently taking a gander at.

While the place is mostly unpacked, some things still wait to be put up - mostly artwork, we have a LOT of framed art and between everyone's crazy schedules, just haven't had a chance (or the motivation) to put up all of it. One of the largest pieces we have (aside from this glorious painting in our stairwell that Steph did) is a piece of silvery-grey fur, framed in a gigantic black frame. The fur painting, as we call it, was done by our former roommate Scix, who is a creative genius in his own right - at any rate, the fur painting has been propped against a wall for awhile now, and...curious things have happened, as such things are wont to do in our household!

It all started with a conversation in which the word 'balls' was used repeatedly. See, fur is awfully easy to write in, you just ruffle it the wrong way and ta-da, words! Steph discovered this and wrote the word BALLS in large, easy-to-read letters on the painting, where it sat and was giggled at every time I passed it.

But it doesn't stop with BALLS. Oh no. Since the BALLS were written, they have been followed by a slew of other words - I believe we've gone through BOOBS, CUNT, PENIS! (with an exclamation point!) and the latest evolution of said painting was VAGINA, which I discovered moments ago on a trip downstairs for more coffee (I drink coffee like water, I swear).

So here I am, coffee cup in hand, staring at this word and grinning madly at it, and I really couldn't stop myself - I put the cup down, carefully smoothed over the word VAGINA, and proceeded to write COCK! (with an exclamation point!) in large, friendly letters. There is something soothing about ruffling fur, which is nice because it's been an awfully long day today.

I'm not sure why I felt the need to bring this to everyone's attention, other than that I cannot wait to see what it says tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and I am loathe to hang the painting in it's proper place (which I had decided was my room) - not because I am tired or stressed out, but because gosh darn it, profurnity is fun.

That is all, enjoy the comic and see you Wednesday!

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