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posted by Aeire

All art auctions come to a close on Sunday evening, so if you were interested in putting in a bid check 'em out here - my rent check thanks you profusely!

Enjoy the update, be sure to come back Monday for more, and enjoy quaffing large amounts of alcohol, if this weekend's holiday is something you enjoy partaking in!

I am now taking commissions for artwork. What does this mean? It means you can have me draw whatever for you - and I will draw whatever. Previous commissions have been pictures of the buyer or friends of the buyer, but I do everything from random cartoon work to character sketches from games and the like. Two conditions apply - #1, I don't do porn. Sorry. I think I'd be really horrible at drawing it anyway. #2 - No copyrighted characters. If you'd like a print of your character from City of Heroes or WoW or Everquest or Guild Wars or your latest D&D campaign, sure thing! If you want a picture of Wolverine or Batman or Illidan or other copyrighted characters, I can't do that.

I can however draw some pretty bitchin dragons. So if you want a bitchin dragon, or other such piece of artwork, drop me a line and we'll discuss rates and prices, and what you get for your dollars.

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