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AeireAds and other nonsense
posted by Aeire

First and foremost, we are now offering custom-designed ads. Relatively cheap, and you can pick either Chris or myself to draw them for ya. Take a look at the adverts page if you're interested - and as an added note, we don't just take ads, if you have a friend you want to send a message to via the comic, feel free to order one!

Next - okay, let's talk about someone really quick, that someone being this singer named 'Fergie' who I was made aware of via this amusing little World of Warcraft fan video thingy - my reaction being 'Hahahah that's kind of funny' and 'Oh lord is that a real song? That's a REAL SONG. What the hell.'. Since then I was er...made aware of another song called 'My Humps', which may as well have been called 'Hey mistah lookit my titties' for all the uh, meaningful content it contains.

So someone on my LJ pointed out this parody the other day by none other than Alanis Morrisette, which of course I found hysterical. But...why would Alanis Morrisette do a parody of this silly stupid song? Huh. That got me thinking, and of course when I think I go wandering and looking into things, and it turns out well it makes total SENSE that Alanis would do a cover of that song, as both singers were at one point in time on prominent children's televisions shows. Alanis was, of course, on You Can't Do That on Television, a show that I watched avidly when I was younger because it was full of uh...stunningly witty entertainment as you can see in this clip. The kid in the red shirt is none other than Alanis. So while Alanis was busy hurling fake vomit and telling jokes outta lockers, it seems Fergie was busy as well on another children's show called Kids Incorporated, which I remembered vaguely as one of the few shows that would prompt me to change the channel immediately because it was that lame. As is the case with the 'humps' music video and the parody, I think Alanis ultimately wins - because at the very least she didn't spend her childhood singing dated songs to freaky fuckin clowns in some sort of strage hero worship/love ritual complete with solemn spotlights and lonely park benches. I wish I were kidding.

See you all for Friday's update, and until then - try not to let the clowns get you.

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