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Punch an' Pie follows the life of Angela, a short, hot tempered, feisty twenty-something blonde, and the various situations and predicaments she gets into. It is a sequel to the WCCA award-winning comic Queen of Wands, which ran on Keenspot from 2002-2005. Re-reading QoW isn't necessary for following what happens in Punch an' Pie, but it's recommended anyway - hey, it was a fun strip! Tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek, PnP explores what happens when you're outta college and attempting to be one of those mysterious 'adult' creatures we always hear about, and just trying to make life work - and what happens when it doesn't live up to your expectations.


Aeire (writer) spends her days writing and working on various projects. Her other works include the now-defunct Xenith, and Queen of Wands.

Chris Daily (artist/writer) lives in California with his wife and dog. He enjoys beatboxing, performing improv comedy, and fooling around with Apple products.