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AeireIt's been a while, hasn't it?
posted by Aeire

Welcome to Punch an' Pie, the er...rather overly long-awaited sequel to Queen of Wands! If you are tuning in from QoW, hey, nice to see you again - if you are a new reader, please be reassured that no, you do not need to go read the entire 2 1/2 year archive to be familiar with what's going on here. 'Here' is picking up somewhere after I left off with Queen of Wands, and involves some new faces, some old - but reading QoW isn't necessary to get what's going on.

However, it was a pretty spiffy comic. Well, at least I thought it was! So feel free to click here and read from the beginning if you wanna. If not, hang out - PnP updates every Mon/Wed/Fri at roundabouts midnight PST. Feel free to check out the livejournal community linked above if you're into such things, say hi over there, check out the ads, poke around the pages, check out stories about ducks, etc. There are still a couple of incomplete pages - yes, I am aware of them, yes, they will be fixed. Tomorrow, more than likely!

You may or may not have noticed the absence of the big 'ol banner at the top of the page with the dropdown that was so familiar with QoW - that's because I am uh. flapping my wings as it were and seeing what it's like to run the show by myself! Well, sort of - probably you've also noticed by now that the artwork is a bit different - that's because I've got a new artist, someone you might be familar with, Chris Daily. He does another comic over on Keenspot called Striptease (yes you are encouraged to check that one out too!), and now he's been enslaved to draw things at my whim agreed to work with me on the new strip. This not only gives him the chance to draw some new stuff, it gives me enough room to work on other projects I've got up my sleeve.

Yes. Yes I do. No I'm not going to show you. STOP TRYING TO LOOK UP THERE.

It's been a very, very long...what, two years? Yeesh. Two years since QoW ended, much of which was spent working my ass off at a particularly soul-sucking job - no more of that. Now I get to try something different, and much, much scarier - making a living off of this comic stuff. We'll see if it works - for now, what I'd like to ask from YOU guys - if you know anyone who read Queen of Wands that isn't aware of the sequel, hey - point 'em in the general direction of it, okay? I'm pretty sure in two years time people have gotten a bit scattered, but I'd like to get the word out again. That I'm back.

And it feels good.

Punch an' Pie is 2015 Aeire and Chris Daily