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AeireIn addition:
posted by Aeire

I would also like to note that despite my cohorts claims to the contrary in Friday's news, he does not live in a basement or a dungeon-like facility. It is a fact that we in California live near sea level, and thus basements, not to mention dungeons, are exceptionally rare. No, Mr. Daily does not live in a basement. We keep him in the garage.

AeireSo MANY things to talk about now
posted by Aeire

First and foremost, I want to know whose brilliant idea it was to lengthen daylight savings time. What the shit I have to wait until NOVEMBER to get my extra hour back I SWEAR I HATE SPRING FORWARD WHY DID YOU MAKE IT SOONER

...it makes me want to cry. And sleep. Mmm. Sleeeeep.

Secondly, in the midst of spring cleaning I have put up a metric ton of items for auction, including two leftover Fall Fairy cheesecake prints, one print of Kestrel and Angela playing in the snow, one print of Angela and Kestrel beating the snot out of each other with water noodles, one leftover Reflection print of Kestrel sitting under a tree, the LAST copy of The Devil tarot print that I own and the last copy of the very first QoW print ever, Late Night - that's the one that had Kestrel reading in bed. The latter two were signed in 2003, the others have yet to be signed, but go ahead and check them out - also up is the last monster bunch of QoW archive art I have - this is it, grab it if you want it, once it's gone it's outta here!

IF YOU ARE BIDDING ON ORIGINAL ART - please for the love of whatever, check your shipping address and make sure it's correct - if you live in an apartment, verify that it's listed there on both your Paypal and your Ebay shipping addresses, I check both. I never used to have a problem with this, but the last couple of auctions were fraught with complications from Ebay or Paypal or both not having the correct shipping address listed. I hate getting stuff returned to me, because it means you didn't get it! So be sure to check it out when you bid, and as always, if the address is different or has changed, contact me so I have the right one!

To previous auction buyers - er sorry, the last batch of original art sent out didn't get feedback left for it - probably because I was in the midst of moving, still I thought I had left it for everyone. Regardless, everyone's got positive feedback now, and my apologies for not noticing that sooner!

ON ANOTHER NOTE - I am now taking commissions for artwork. What does this mean? It means you can have me draw whatever for you - and I will draw whatever. Previous commissions have been pictures of the buyer or friends of the buyer, but I do everything from random cartoon work to character sketches from games and the like. Two conditions apply - #1, I don't do porn. Sorry. I think I'd be really horrible at drawing it anyway. #2 - No copyrighted characters. If you'd like a print of your character from City of Heroes or WoW or Everquest or Guild Wars or your latest D&D campaign, sure thing! If you want a picture of Wolverine or Batman or Illidan or other copyrighted characters, I can't do that.

I can however draw some pretty bitchin dragons. So if you want a bitchin dragon, or other such piece of artwork, drop me a line and we'll discuss rates and prices, and what you get for your dollars.

And lastly....kitties.

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