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AeireOhmygosh things to LOOK AT WITH THE LOOKING.
posted by Aeire

New comic up and available - and to those scratching their heads over this - don't worry. It's okay. The fun I had with writing this is making it so that you are very clearly on one side or the other as the reader - either you're identifying with Angela right now, which is totally intended, or you're identifying with everyone else, which is ALSO totally intended. Duality in storyline format. Neat, huh?

Mostly I just wanted to make Chris draw some different stuff and he wanted to draw some different stuff!

Speaking of duality, the dastardly duo behind MacHall (aka Matt and Ian) have quietly been getting away with doing new things right under my nose. While I don't know if it's 'official' just yet, please feel free to go take a gander at Three Panel Soul. I dig it.

Also HOLY CRAP PIRATES 3 TRAILER ONLINE OMGOMGOMG. ...I am so all over a midnight showing of this in pirate garb, you have no idea.

Yes, yes I am a colossal dork.

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