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AeireHey look it's some free stuff
posted by Aeire

Strip number two!

As a thank-you to those of you wandering in, and because the art was really cool, we've got some free desktop wallpapers up for grabs of the Emoticon package from the first strip in a variety of screen sizes - feel free to grab and use!

800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1680x1050

For those that were inquiring about the black and white status of the comic - yes, the comic is black and white. For now. #1 - I...really like how the black and white looks, personally, #2 - It allows a little more freedom. You will see color here and there in the future, but the strip is black and white. And hey, #3 - It keeps the file sizes down, which is kind of important as I don't have a web publisher footing the bandwidth bill this time around, y'know?

On an unrelated note, it is odd to have the resident male out of the house (He has fled to the wild and verdant Canadas for the week). Our apartment is GIRL CENTRAL ONCE MORE. Down to the pets. Except for Xingu the cat, but he has uh...had the snippage done so to speak, so I am making an exception and pronouncing him a girl for the week (he acts like one anyway I swear the whiny little shit). The estrogen is our mighty overlord this week, and we shall soothe it with offerings of flavored coffees, toast with jam, and pajama dancing.

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