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AeireMore strip prints!
posted by Aeire

IF YOU HAVE ORDERED STRIP PRINTS: The issue with the print run has been resolved, a new shipment is in the process of being printed (correctly this time), it'll be overnighted when it's done and I should have it in my hands by Friday and out the door to you on Saturday. And since this has been taken care of (and the people on the phone were incredibly nice about making sure everything was taken care of and future orders will be dandy), I've got more strip prints - a bunch more Darwin, a few more Vagina Dentata, and one with Zot at her most insightful!


The infamous Zot vs. The Sproingy Doorstop of Doom Strip!

The also infamous Vagina Dentata Strip!


The way, way super infamous Charles Darwin Strip!


Go grab 'em if you want them! And always, always remember Charlie.

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