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AeireYou should be reading this
posted by Aeire

Octopus Pie. WHY AREN'T YOU READING IT GO READ IT NOW. Or rather, after you finish the news here.

I always liked how they mention on those old coffee commercials that participants got a complimentary meal. You know, just in case they noticed the substitution. And got summarily pissed about being served crappy coffee. But then some people are remarkably unobservant.

Seriously though I can't think of that coffee without getting the damn song stuck in my head. ...it was really shitty coffee, too. AND WHO SNORTS THEIR COFFEE LIKE THAT I MEAN COME ON REALLY. Do you know what else looks like that? This guy. But we can't stay angry at him. Oh no.

Also, a fur painting hard at work, and a cat who is not.

He was in the same spot again today. Apparently he knows where he belongs.

I am not certain where I belong, but I made a page on MySpace. Maybe it will help me. Or at the very least serenade me with Shostakovich every time I open the page. It's enough for me, really.

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