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AeireThe Incredibly Long San Diego Comic Con Newspost
posted by Aeire

First off, if you missed Monday's comic, it went up very late (sorry, again, about that), and you can see it by clicking here.

COMIC CON - Wow, what a Con. So many amazing things happened, I think it was the best con I've been to yet really, mostly because everyone was just so...nice. It was apparently the year of benevolence.

Photos! Oh what the heck, let's start off with a little S*P t-shirt defacing:

A very nice man who bought ad space from me stopped by and kindly asked if I'd sign Randy's shirts. I...have no idea why. But of course I agreed, after calling Randy and leaving a cackling voicemail telling him what I was about to do.

That bicep was begging for a tattoo anyway.

And now for a cosplayer of a different kind:

If you've seen Arrested Development, you'll recognize him. If you haven't...good grief, what's keeping you?

This family was dressed up as the Incredibles:

And then there was Batman. Oh, Batman. This nice young man strode by the Keenspot booth with his mask off and after I begged shamelessly for him to put it on for a photo, he obliged.

...ladies, he was just as hot with the mask off.

Bored gentlemen, I give you Catwoman to appease you:

This nice lady was wanting to go home I think, yet she politely stopped for a picture when I asked if I could have one. She's one of a gaggle of Batman players from Gotham Public Works - they have some of the most amazing costumes EVER. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the Joker and Harley Quinn, but as I said, they WERE planning on leaving.

Oh yeah and there was the usual Star Wars stuff:

I think that man there with the lightsaber was going to save them but decided they were more entertaining with chains on. There was a ton of the usual Star Wars costumes floating around.

...well, mostly usual.

This gentleman is not in costume.

He just has one of the most amazing mustaches ever. I didn't catch his name, sadly, but he was awfully nice and perfectly fine with an exclamatory redhead taking photos of his facial hair.

This gentleman is not in costume either.

But how amazing is that?! TWO enchanting mustaches! He also was fine with the overly excitable redhead taking photos, and while I'm fairly sure I caught his name I don't remember it, which makes me sad. However, I DID find out after accosting him with my camera phone that he was working at the booth for Neverwear, a website with Neil Gaiman merchandise on it including the lovely shirt he is wearing.

I have yet to meet a well-groomed mustache that wasn't terribly polite and charming.

Lastly, pirates.

As I snapped the photo, Jack said "Peanut". Just so.

And that's it for Con photos for this year, if you've made it through them, I'm sorry the quality was not terrific, but I didn't take my camera because it is heavy and I didn't want to carry it around all day. If you are planning on attending Con next year I'll be there as always - and prepare to be entertained, as Randy Milholland of Something Positive will be there as well - and if you aren't planning on attending, now would be a good time to start planning!

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