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AeireQoW Fan?
posted by Aeire

I'm going to try something a little different here - comic prints. A lot of people have requested merchandise of certain strips or panels - and while I am limited in what I can do, I CAN do this - 8x10 full color remastered prints of selected QoW strips. These are photo prints (if you've gotten a print from Randy over at S*P before, it's the same quality as the ones he's been recently doing. They are nice. VERY nice.), suitable for framing and displaying whereever you would like. If these sell well, I will be offering more of them, and more of other strips from the archives - there is a limit as far as which strips can be reprinted this way however, as there are some strips that are simply too long for an 8x10 piece of paper. BUT! Behold!


The infamous Vagina Dentata Strip!


The equally infamous Charles Darwin Strip!


As this is an experiment, to see how these sell, I am only offering 25 of each. If they sell well, I will be putting more up for auction, and possibly different strips - check this post on the LJ community and post your two cents on what you'd like to see! No guarantees, but if I see a common trend I'll try to get those put together for reprinting. Enjoy!

EDIT: As of this evening, all prints have sold out! Thank you to those that purchased - and due to the er...overwhelming response I'll be running another Darwin run next week, after I get this shipment sent out and on its way. If you are interested in getting a Darwin strip, contact me and let me know which print you are looking for - just a simple 'Darwin' or 'Dentata' will do, and how many of each you'd like, so that I can estimate how many more of these I should put up. Again, thanks for the overwhelming response!

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