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AeireBy 'later' I meant 'with my next update'
posted by Aeire

Man, I love this comic - Chris has their whole apartment laid out and everything, something that I meant to do with QoW but mostly ended up with 'here's flat living room template a, and everything else do a flat fill of with vague shading and then blur the hell out of it'. Chris on the other hand knows where everything IS, down to the magnets and other various items on the refridgerator. I find this awesome.

I also love that this is on Youtube - it's the first time I've seen that without any alteration and uncut since...gosh, since I was eight or nine, I think? My mother used to howl with laughter at the dog, which I never quite got until I was older. By then I was seeing altered versions of it, but they never cut the carpet scene, which my mother thought was just hysterical - both the scene and the fact that the censors never seemed to pick up on just what he was saying. Please don't report the thing, I'd love it if it would continue to live happily on Youtube, away from the glaring eyes of whoever it is that decided ripping half of an eight-minute cartoon out in order to 'protect the children' or whatever was a really good idea.

Also, I finally got around to reading all of the Least I Could Do archives. I cannot decide if I love it or hate it. I am baffled by this, usually it's a pretty clear line. But I think I want to strangle the main character. Most of the time. And then sometimes he's okay. But mostly? Strangulation. But then I wonder if perhaps we are supposed to want to strangle the main character because he is very, very over the top, and then I go 'Ohhhh, that's very clever, make us hate the main character except for a very few redeeming qualities, and that makes the rest of the cast blossom, instead of having a main character that people really like and everyone else just acts along with them', and then I really like the strip, and then I say to myself 'but what if it wasn't on purpose' and then I hate the strip again. Regardless, the comic makes me feel a great many things, which makes me think it's probably good but just being secretive about it. I bet it fights crime when it's not wearing it's glasses and trying to look inconspicuous. You should go check it out.

On an additional, follow-up sort of note, I am going to go see Stardust this weekend, and I am going to pay for it. I never got the 'Oh we'll send you some other screening tickets for it' that I was vaguely promised when I arrived at the theater only to be turned away - this would not bother me quite so much, but now these people have my address, and who knows what that is going to mean for the future of my mailbox. This is really, really not a commentary on Mr. Gaiman (who was nothing but kind, really) here guys, it's more of a 'good grief, the people running that screening really had no idea at all what they were doing, did they'. It's all right though, I don't mind paying to go see it - and I will probably end up going to see it multiple times, because I really do love the story, have ever since I read it waaaay back when the graphic novel was first gingerly handed to me by the nice lady who ran the comics shop where I was growing up. She said "I think you'll like this", and she was right, as always.

I also never really heard anything about the picture I was supposed to get of that whole apology thing, but this, this I really, really don't mind, because most photos of me end up with me looking addled and dumb anyway, and I'm pretty sure I was less 'photogenic' and more 'wide eyed like a vaguely stunned ox', so I don't really think I need a picture of the occasion. The memory is much nicer, anyway.

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