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So, Big Fighting Robots, anyone?
posted by Chris
Sadly, I have not gone to see Transformers yet, but it will happen in the next few days. But for those of you that remember the original original show (I'm not talking about the Beast wars crap or the recent dumb super anime version with pokemon-formers), who was your favorite character? I always had a special affinity for Mirage, who had the amazing ability of invisibility.

There was the thrid episode of the show, where Mirage hides inside the Decepticon jet as they are on their way back to Cybertron, leaving earth's orbit. The Autobots have all but lost. That's it! They are fucked. But then Mirage de-cloaks, and busts up the ship, so the bad guys crash. He single handedly prevents the bad guys from winning. and all the Autobots are like, "good job Mirage! Yay. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, freakin' motor oil is so uncomfortable. I can't believe how sqweaky I get in the morning!" Not right away. But we never see Mirage again.

Mirage totally got jipped.

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