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posted by Aeire

So last night I watched Splash for like the first time in what, fifteen years or something and I realized several things - firstly, I'm not sure why I enjoyed it when I was a kid other than the whole 'oh my gosh MERMAIDS' thing because most of the jokes in it are a little adult and I laughed a lot more at them now than I did then - Secondly, the effects for that movie were pretty understated but effective and it's nice to see that regardless of whether or not Daryl Hannah's tail is CG, it really doesn't make a difference to the story or the quality of the film at all, and third - LORDY did Tom Hanks have some REALLY BIG HAIR back then.

I was also slightly disturbed when watching the making of features and seeing Ron Howard still looking kinda like Ritchie Cunningham only with like...you know...the porn star mustache.


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