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AeireSo have I ever mentioned Dave Kelly?
posted by Aeire

Seriously, have I ever mentioned Dave? Dave is this awesome artist that was doing these amazing webcomics before I ever got started, the first of which (that I read) was called Living in Greytown. He's done several others since then, including Lizard! and Purple Pussy, and is currently doing some even more amazing flash work over at Something Awful.

And when I say amazing, let me clarify - his art style is so completely distinctive that I could pick it out of a lineup of a billion sketches, because it's just...Dave. Eccentric, goofy, weird, violent, crazy, wacked out shit that I simply adore because it's so...Dave.

Apparently, now it's also some dude named Todd Goliath.

Okay for those of you that have seen the television series Firefly, remember that noise Mal made when something absolutely baffling was said? You know what I mean - the 'Huh.'

That was the EXACT noise I made when I saw this.

Huh, Todd Goliath. That looks MIGHTY similar. ...huh.

For those of you that enjoy webcomics and art and flash and all this awesome stuff that we toss out for you to love online...a little support would be lovely. The only thing more annoying than people that like to belittle artwork and comics that are placed online as somehow 'subpar' or 'below average' is the sceevy little schmucks that think that just because something is online it is free to use without proper credit. Or financial compensation. If this infuriates you as it does me, then spread the word, via livejournals, blogs, myspace, whatever - and let people know what's going on, because this is highly disturbing and incredibly irritating to say the very least.

Plus, it's Dave. And Dave rocks my socks.

posted by Aeire

Apparently the dude's name is Todd GOLDMAN, not Todd GOLIATH, or he GOES by Goliath, or Goldman, or some other shit.

As someone who has been using a pen name for years this really doesn't matter to me, but HEY! If the dude is a HACK, you might as well know ALL the names this HACK uses when he's BEING a HACK.


Sorry, my kitchen is flooding even as we speak, and I am waging an epic battle against the very tides of Poseidon himself. Tensions are a little, shall we say, high.

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