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AeireI think I angered the car gods.
posted by Aeire

So I got my car back, and today promptly got in an accident. YES I AM FINE. (I think I've heard 'Are you okay' roughly six million times today.) Nothing broken or injured, my magic writing hands are dandy, but I have a feeling my neck shoulders and that awesome place on my collarbone where the seatbelt snagged me are going to be in all kinds of pain tomorrow. Car is...not so fine, but insurance will take care of it presumably, otherwise I have been paying them for absolutely nothing. So don't worry about it, right now I'm avoiding crying by laughing hysterically about the fact that I am having phenominally shitty car luck and have somehow angered the Toyota gods.

Regardless, how this relates to YOU - I was working on getting prints mailed out today. Needless to say, this did not happen. I will be working on it as my body allows tomorrow, and will have them in the mail to you all as promptly as I can manage here, but I thought print buyers would like a heads up. ...incidentially the prints look great! Unlike my car.

I'm going to go crawl into bed now and ponder exactly how hard my mother is going to laugh (see I get this from her I swear) when I call her tomorrow and tell her what's what.

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