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posted by Aeire

Okay so for those that read the newspost from Friday and went 'What the fuck Aeire', rest assured that's exactly what I was thinking when I got home and you might be psychic, you should really get that checked out.

At any rate, I don't really want to go into messy or personal details, so I will keep this relatively brief and simple. Here's the scoop:

A battalion of ninja monkeys have taken my car hostage. In return, they demand not bananas, as those would be plentiful and easy to obtain, but cold hard cash, and an obscene amount of it. I like my car. It would be safe to say I love my car, as it gets me to and fro. I'd like my car back. In the interests of getting that taken care of as speedily as possible, I've put up an art print for sale - the first of what will probably be many PnP art prints, done by either Chris or myself. This one's done by me. All proceeds go to paying off the damn ninja monkeys and getting my prec-er, my car back. If you know people that have been looking for PnP art or my art in particular, point them over here okay?

Also worth mentioning is that this is the only time this print will be available and once these prints are sold out, they will not be reprinted. So grab it if you want it, you won't see it again!

Thanks to those that purchase - and I really, really mean that. The last 24-48 hours has been really frustrating, annoying, maddening, and...yeah.

Expect to see some non-PnP related prints every now and again as well, I realized yesterday that I never DID finish that fairy series...

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