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AeireMarch is what? Over? Almost? When'd that happen?
posted by Aeire

Oh dear. So I've been trying to ignore it, but my computer is...not well, no matter which way I put it. It's making a series of much-more-frequent-as-of-late noises that are more than likely a fan in the front going out, which I can't really get to to replace, it's hiccuping errors at me every now and again (hey it's awesome when it suddenly tells me I have no video drivers. ...greaaaat.), and rapidly filling up despite the number of drives in it - most of which is just...comic files and artwork. Oops. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to get a new machine, period. I'm kinda squeaking by paycheck to paycheck at this point. So what I'm getting at is this - if you like the comic, if it's made you smile or made you pissed off or just given you something worth looking at, if you could throw a donation at that link on the right, that'd be great. Doesn't have to be huge - honestly, even a buck'd help. Thanks in advance - and enjoy today's um...minor explosion!

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