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AeireStatus report, new comic, and geekin out
posted by Aeire

Sorry to those of you that don't check the LJ community - for people wondering why the late update, well...my video card kinda died on me. Yes, the brand new one in the new computer. So I hauled it back to the lovely store where I purchased it and the wonderful people there fixed it because I have an amazing warranty. I love my computer store.

So yeah - considering the update I had planned, I was more than a little annoyed that I couldn't put it up on time - especially considering the er...subject material. I was dying to put this one up all week!

On to the confession: Yes, DS9 is my favorite. No, don't try and argue this with me, I loved the show. The confession part involves TNG - while I've seen um...some of the episodes, I have by no means seen the entirety of the series, so maybe it is better, but I literally have no idea. Rest assured that I love Data and Worf and Picard and Wesley and the rest of the gang, I just...haven't seen enough of the show to deem it better.

...although it had Q. I really liked Q.

Regardless, I am sorry Wil, but DS9 wins. At the very least until I get my paws on TNG and give it a fair trial.

make it so...
posted by Chris

it's true, she watches the DVD's of DS9 a lot. Almost to the point where I don't see them on the DVD rack downstairs. Probably sleeps with them.

I however, am, and always will be a Next Generation fan. I hold to the amazing dynamic of the cast, the compelling reoccuring characters, and even though I wanted to punch Wesley in the face sometimes, everyone on that show was holding true to the quest of becomming more than who they could be. Picard is the ultimate strategist, in negotiations and even battles. Riker, with his walking hard on of a manly swagger. Worf, who didn't take shit from anyone but had a soft spot. And who doesn't like Data? And the villains: the Borg, Q, Lor, that blobby thing that killed Tasha Yar, the addicting GAME!, the Crystiline Entity, Troi's mom (kidding, she was just yappy) ... all awesome. I don't even need to talk about the great holodeck episodes.

Yeah, I watched me some DS9 in my time, but if I wanted political intrigue and sci-fi, I would just watch the West Wing. (Seriously. a kidnapped daughter?) But I remember watching TNG fondly with my family on Saturday nights. I've watched many a re-run of the show on Spike, or TNN, or Sci Fi, or whatever other channel it's been in syndication on. And are there any Deep Space 9 movies? First Contact was the shit. Generations had Picard AND Kirk. Yeah, Insurection was a 2 hour episode, but there were four movies featuring the TNG cast. That's something to say. Hell, there would be no Qwark if the Ferengi didn't end up being so likeably slimey on TNG. And they had to give DS9 Worf to get other people to tune in. And then he leaves them to be in some Next Gen movies. oooh Burn.

I think we know who the winner is in this argument, but at least we can all agree that we enjoy some Star Trek in our lives. Whether it's from a galaxy class starship or a grand central outpost worm hole monitoring type station place-thing, we've gotten some good entertainment. And at least they're not wearing the full color jumpsuits anymore.

So say we all.

Aeire...NUH UH
posted by Aeire

The reason they didn't make any DS9 movies is that they wasted all their money on TNG movies and by the time they got around to the point where they COULD make a DS9 movie, the audience was nearly dried up. Why? Because Voyager had come out (which I'm sure Chris, you agree was pretty awful) and nobody was really watching it. So they didn't have the ratings.

DS9 didn't get half the credit it deserved - sure, it didn't 'go where no one has gone before' physically, but it sure as HELL went there in terms of an action standpoint - how many times, on the original series OR on TNG, did the Federation deal with a new species of alien in anything but the most cursory of fashions? Never - and they never touched on what it took to join the Federation, or the customs or religions of any of these weird aliens they kept running into - unless that alien was a member of the crew, and then they touched on it briefly.

The holodeck? Oh please. The only reason they had holodeck episodes is because there wasn't enough interesting shit happening while they were flying through space to write about, so they had to stuff in the holodeck so people wouldn't get bored. They had holoSUITES in DS9, and even though they were there, and listed as a plot point, you rarely saw anyone IN one. Because the rest of what was going on was so interesting.

But I think, for me, what made DS9 the most interesting, was that it introduced an element of the Federation that we'd never seen before - the Federation, and everyone in it, had always been portrayed as 'the good guys', in every series, in every show, no questions asked. It was DS9 that took that 'we're the good guys' image and broke it a little bit, showing us a truly intriguing side of the 'utterly good and innocent' Federation that we'd never seen before - and showing us that there was more to be written about than holodecks and prime directives that nobody listened to. That the Federation, as wonderful as everyone made it out to be, had its own unique flaws, just like any form of government. And while that pissed off a LOT of people that wanted to view the Federation as 'perfect' - to me, it showed that the writers were actually thinking about the material they were writing, and how they could expand that material and give us something new that we hadn't before considered.

...and I don't sleep with them. They're just over on my bookshelves. Don't you judge me.

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