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AeireHoneymoon Hiatus and Hiccuping Hardware
posted by Aeire

Hi guys! Punch an Pie is on a brief hiatus while the newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Daily are on their honeymoon! The comic will return October 12th. Congratulations to the couple are of course encouraged, along with a heaping dollop of 'awwwwww' because they are just that damn cute.

In other news, my computer is begging for upgrades. Specifically more hard drive space - apparently keeping high res versions of years and years worth of comics takes a toll, eventually. If you're enjoying the comic and have an extra buck or two to spare, a donation would be greatly appreciated by my nearly-full computer (and will hopefully stop it from shining the power light at me in an accusatory manner.). Thanks for reading, and check back on the 12th for more PnP!

Punch an' Pie is 2015 Aeire and Chris Daily