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AeireSan Diego Comic Con 2010
posted by Aeire

Right...this is kind of a difficult post to make at the moment. I've been attending the San Diego Comic Con for years and years now, and fully intended to attend the 2010 convention. The difficult thing about this is that I'm not in San Diego anymore. It's not as easy as simply getting up in the morning, getting in the car and driving over to the convention center. With finances being what they are, and believe me I've been looking at them pretty thoroughly over the last week or two, it's beginning to look less and less like I can afford to make that kind of trip. I...totally love the convention, and I totally love meeting you guys and hanging out, but if it comes down to paying the bills or hitting San Diego, the bills have to come first. If you like hitting the Con as much as I do and have a spare buck or two to throw my way, it'd be greatly appreciated - I don't really want to miss saying hello to everyone again, you guys are the best!

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