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AeireA few changes: Temporary! Do not panic! Find your towel.
posted by Aeire

Life's been incredibly busy for both myself, and for Chris. Particularly for Chris, as you may have noted a few months back, he leveled up and got himself a fiance! This is an amazingly wonderful good thing. However, Chris has discovered something terribly, terribly important in the last month or so - wedding planning is like having yet another full time job. Considering that he already has one full time job, plus Punch an' Pie, plus Striptease, plus the improv he enjoys doing - right. Chris is feeling more than a little overloaded. In addition, I've found myself with a new job that is taking up a bit more time than I'd like, but most of this involves learning the ropes, and should calm down considerably once I've learned everything I need to know.

SO! No, the comic is not going on hiatus. Neither one of us really want to do that, ever. However, we are moving from a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, to a Tues-Thurs schedule for the next few months, until wedding bells are heard and life is calm. Well, calmer, at any rate. Thank you for your patience with this, and check back tomorrow for the Tuesday update!

AeireA brief note:
posted by Aeire

If you are enjoying the comic, and have a spare buck or two, donations are always appreciated! Especially by people that would like me to continue paying my bills on time. Thanks for reading!

Punch an' Pie is 2015 Aeire and Chris Daily