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AeireOne of these days I'll stop being a weepy mess I swear
posted by Aeire

Holy shit people. I'm good. I'm fine. You can stop donating now, I'm like...I'm good enough that I can make more than ONE trip home, something that makes the upcoming trip seem so much brighter...you have absolutely no idea. I called my mother and told her I'd be out and she perked up, and I told her people are out there, random strangers that she doesn't even know, thousands of them gunning for her and she perked up even more. I don't really know what they can do for her, truthfully, the answer is 'not much', but she's going to kick ass while she can. And I love her. And I love all of you, and I'm going to stop typing before I start crying again. Thank you.

P.S. Mom if you read this I'm sorry I'm a swear factory.

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