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AeireOkay no blank box today.
posted by Aeire

SOME people were reporting an 'error' that there was only a blank white box below the comic instead of news. I would like to report that this means uh...there is no news to report, and is perfectly normal in every aspect. No, really.

Okay so news? There isn't any really - we did not get set on fire. Yesterday, we bought a new litterbox for the cats, which they appreciate as they have both gotten very fat, despite our valiant efforts to only feed them twice a day (once in the morning and once at night), and diet food at that. So fat, that it was nigh impossible for them to fit into the litterbox. ...that's right, it was too narrow for their dainty rotund asses.

So uh...now I am sitting here with a cup of coffee that I made from a bag that proudly stated it was 'Dunkin Donuts Coffee', something that I marvelled at in the store as, for the Canadians in the audience, this is like finding Tim Fucking Horton's in Mexico - highly unlikely. I am pleased to report that it smells fantastic, but tastes kinda like something I scraped off the bottom of my car. I think this may be the authentic Dunkin Donuts flavor working against me.

My alarm woke me up from some weird dream I was having about like...some antique/toy store I was working in, some girl was babbling away at me about how we were tremendously unorganized and I wanted to punch her in the vagina, but just then Mr. Incredible showed up and asked if I was busy and then informed me in a most winking and laden-with-subtext way that he was free all night if I wanted to sneak away, and gave me the NICEST HUG EVER.


Happy Halloween to all of you, however you are choosing to celebrate it.

- Your Not-Quite-Awake-Yet-Author

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